nGen Works

Over the past several years, I’ve been freelancing with nGen Works, a distributed digital agency based out of balmy Jacksonville, Florida.

nGen needed some adept fingers and a quirky brain to help convey their irreverent voice and tone, and build their content strategy.

I’ve been lucky enough to work on everything from portfolio content, to proposals, to newsletters, to blog posts, and an encyclopedia of content in between.

nGen Works
  • content strategy
  • project management
  • copywriting
  • blogging
  • business development
  • process development
  • information architecture
nGen Works
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Blog posts

There’s something intoxicating about knitting the words of a blog post together when that blog post is bent on poking fun at ourselves. Why are we always so predictable? Why don’t we learn? A collection of snippets from the various posts I’ve created for nGen over the last couple years.

The nGen Works process

We share everything, including our process. I chatted with our team, researching and exploring the nuts and bolts of how we chose to do things in the digital space.

Portfolio content

While distilling the tone of nGen: two parts irreverent to one part charm, I created a chunk of portfolio content highlighting some of our latest launches. Using the tools of our writerly trade, I used storytelling, value proposition, and poetic licence to create simple but chewy descriptions of our work.

Speaker packet

Carl Smith, Chief Keeper Upper at nGen needed a hot little virtual warehouse to show off the mountains of speaking he’s been doing. I got to work and whipped together a wireframe and sleek package highlighting his best keynotes, testimonials, and articles so he could run the circuit in quintessential Smith style.

Newsletter content

Delivering the goods in a quarterly newsletter means writing content that matters.