Travis Gertz and I wanted to give people an easier way to clench their cheeks over their financial red and green lines. Trav dove into the code and whipped up Nimber, a sweet little beast that allows you to calculate your incoming and outgoing expenses and graph them visually so you can see how rich or broke you’ll be in one, three, and five years. I use it all the time, and I have to say, seeing the numbers on the move is pretty thrilling. Knowing I wrote the bit of copy at the top is just icing on the number cake.

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Louder Than Ten
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Nimber. The playground for your numbers.

Just fill in the predicted expenses and income for your next hair-brained project or great idea, and Nimber will show your projected cashflow for the next 1-5 years. Nimber gives you a wide-eyed view of your future in simple number form so you can calculate Freedom 35 or maybe invest in those neon hot pants you always dreamed about.

Works for all your ideas, small or ginormous. Forget about lousy spreadsheets with complicated formulas. Throw your numbers into the financial ringer and see what sticks before you make it real.

Great. Now let me play!