The Stray Muse

For years I collected a little book of strange thoughts. It was black and silver. I’d walk around and see 500 thread count sheets, wondering to myself, what the heck is with thread counts? Is there really a difference between something that’s 300 thread count or 400? Other days I would think about mustard. These little thoughts would nag it me, and it wasn’t until I finally decided to bring the hands to the keyboard that I finally felt some piece of mind. With artistic direction from my handsome and talented counterpart, I lovingly constructed several editorial features that could finally put my thoughts into words. On launch day, The Stray Muse was born.

Incidentally, The Stray Muse is now my Twitter handle, my Skype identity and my favourite t-shirt. The site’s a little out of date since I started focusing my time on Question Everything, but mark my words, I won’t let this little beauty die. I have some big plans for her.

The Stray Muse
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Louder Than Ten
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The Unicat. The most trusted mythical beast the world has ever seen. Inspired by unicorns everywhere and our asshole Heinz 57, Pixel Gertz.

Explaining the magic

Lots of people don't vote because

  • They can't
  • They don't know how
  • They think their vote makes no difference
  • The parties are all the same
  • They don't give a rat's ass.

How do we change this?

Stimulate self-respect in youth and a belief in one's abilities. Encourage accountability. This means staging the opposing political candidates in a gladiator war. Give them sexy metallic wrestling outfits, the headgear, and mind blowing titles like "Obama the Crusher." Of course political runners would have to present their party platform, but while beating each other with padded mallets on precarious foam towers. People would fervently watch the debates. They would be glued to their television screens and would text their votes in by the millions. I can prove this because more people voted during 2006's American Idol (530 million) than in the 2008 election (131.3 million). So people love entertainment. Politics is a joke to most people anyway.

Give them what they want. A talent show.

Explaining the magic

But seriously, people actually enjoy this experience. It’s considered vital during courtship. I am sure I have heard that animals do tongue lunges to support their mating success. Success for humans is actually rated. You can be a terrible snogger and god help you if you are! People talk about this. They probably even exchange Facebook messages about it.I have to admit, I am still mystified as to the whole rating system. How does one expertly push his meat muscle into another’s beckoning cavernous opening without it being too wet or too messy to earn a 10/10? I am still talking about kissing here folks, but now you see the sexual appeal it might have. Or not.